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People ask WWJD? But what does it mean exactly?

People who put action into our answering that question: He Would Love First (HWLF)!

No – JWLS (Jesus Would Love Sacrificially).  True ministry is not a risk-free endeavor.

WWJD I believe refers to what we shouldn’t be doing.

HWLF I believe refers to benevolent activities where the recipients receive help and then leave.

A young woman giving money to homeless beggar man sitting outdoors in city.

JWLS I believe refers to investing in people’s lives. It’s where we take time to engage a weary soul who’s lost their directions in life.

The goal is to understand a person’s emotions – not just their actions. Listen, listen, listen, listen; then clarify what we’ve heard. Seek out God’s counsel before offering advice (asking permission first).

Teach scripture and show by your own life how Biblical principles actually work in a successful life.

It takes a small amount of courage and a lot of love and even more dependence on God to successfully mentor a person who’s taken the wrong road in life and doesn’t know how to find their way out. But it does happen that Christians have run across such people and by investing themselves in that person’s life have helped them practically, emotionally, and spiritually to lead a productive and spirit filled life.

One such true story depicted in a PureFlix movie is John Light.

There are many stories like this that illustrate how Christians can take the Gospel outside of the church and make a difference in one person’s life, who in turn will be helping others.

Another ministry that can help is a Christian Recovery program called Celebrate Recovery (CR) that has helped many to get past their hurts, habits, hang-ups, and addictions. I’ll always remember the broad scope of this program when i heard a person say he was no longer homeless. That impressed me because I didn’t think of that as being a problem that CR could help with. The scope of the program covers every facet of life that is disabling a person from gaining from life’s experiences without being crushed by them.

Remember to carry your cross (like Simon the Holy Spirit is helping to carry your cross) and just enjoy people and get to know them. And when you find a lost soul; pray and listen a lot!


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