Month: October 2021

The Gospel of Isolation is Fake News

BAD NEWS IS THE RIGHT TITLE!   Study any predator and they always go after the weakest and most isolated prey animal in the flock or herd.  And undeterred they’ll eventually pick off the whole flock or herd.  All the animals of a species of prey are vulnerable if […]

Missing in Action

The uncertainties of our times all contribute to fear, divisiveness, loneliness, and hopelessness. The problem with this is that it has infected the church also. Consequently the church and Christians as a whole are missing in action.

Our Will in Heaven

If I get a will, which we should, it will do us no good if it’s not signed, notarized, and stored where it is accessible to the executor of our estate.  If the will is lost it will not be effective.  And the State takes over.