Sermon on the Mount

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Chapters 6, 7, & 8

These are the statements from Jesus that are all counter-intuitive. Men especially would have trouble with these statements; unless they’re Christian. Even then, the nature of men, in general, would have trouble following most or at least some some of what Jesus stated to His Disciples.


The culture, of what is a man, needs to change from the current “man box” model. At the very top of the sermon on the mount is the first salvo against the “man box”. The first two verses explain that Jesus taught only the disciples at the top of the mount. Verse three is where Jesus challenges the religious teachings of the day.

(Matthew 5:1-3 WEB) 1 And seeing the multitudes, he ascended a mountain: and when he was seated, his disciples came to him. 2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying, 3 Blessed [are] the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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Men seek to be king of the hill. Being “poor in spirit” is counterintuitive. When Jesus says “the poor in spirit,” he is describing those who are aware of their desperate need for God. They are completely dependent on God for help.

I wonder as Jesus is conversing with the crowds, if His teachings were a result of the opinions of people in the crowds? I believe that everyone of the points in the Sermon on the Mount were counterintuitive to the culture of Jesus’s time; and they’re also counterintuitive to our culture today.

Changing Culture

Our culture no longer believes in a shared responsibility for one another. Had that view prevailed in 1776 we’d be in the British Commonwealth today instead of an independent country. Community success depends on a sense of common sacrifice. It’s only when we sense a common cause and a willingness to be humble before God and people that we can make difference in people’s lives. And by our actions and demeanor; converts for Jesus Christ.

But the key to our faith is that our real loyalty belongs to God and from that to our fellow man. Human nature is focused on self. Therefore the world is small and only exists for the individual. The Christian faith focuses on God and from God’s love focuses on mankind.

There’s no longer “I”, “me”, or “mine”; only God before us and doing what Jesus would be doing. Laying up treasures in Heaven and receiving our rewards by God’s presence. Looking after God’s children on earth, giving praise to God every day, not accepting people’s praise but always pointing people to Jesus.

Whole Sermon

Really? No – this is only one Beatitude. There is much more to what Jesus said (or should I say revealed) about what God intends for every human being, albeit many obviously don’t care. We need to demonstrate that God does care for everyone and will accept them and give them life abundantly if they would just leave “self” behind and follow Jesus.

There will be many posts to this series which will all use the tag “Sermon Mount”. I pray for us that the full meaning of what Jesus relayed to the disciples will become an integral part of our lives and our churches. Then we can witness the marvel of our individual faith making major impacts on the American population.

What is the Man Box?

A term that researchers use to describe the dominant form of masculinity in the United States at this time is known as Hegemonic Masculinity, which Mark Greene (2013) and others have described as the “Man Box.” The term implies a rigid set of expectations, perceptions, and behaviors of what is “manly” behavior.
The Man Box – Richmond College – University of Richmond › masculinity › manbox


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