My wife and I are in the process of moving. WOW! We had talked about this, but just for the future. But how many of us know that the future can come abruptly into our lives. We need to prepare for the future – whatever that may be. We’ve been preparing for that both practically and spiritually. Well, not so much practically.


The house we live in now we had built for us 50 years ago. We moved in from an efficiency apartment with little future and a 1 year old son. We’ve had all that time to accumulate “stuff”. Financially we’ve had a comfortable retirement for 14 years.

We spoke to our financial advisor recently and mentioned we planned to move when the steps in our bi-level house became too much for us. They already were more difficult for me since my heart surgery. Our advisor emphasized to us that we need to move while we’re still able to handle the steps.

We’re finding that sorting through all the “stuff”, setting aside more than half of our “stuff”, and boxing up “stuff”, to be at the very limits of our physical strength and stamina.

Buying and Selling

After speaking to our financial advisor, we got a hold of a realtor (referred to us by our daughter-in-law). In a month we sold our house and bought a new one. We will close on our house we’re selling one day before closing on the house we buying.

We were not ready for the paperwork that we had to sign (electronically). A lot of trust comes into play since there’s no Notary Public. All of this comes at interruptions to our efforts art downsizing and and packing for our move.

Early on I told our realtor that I needed a poker player to be able to negotiate the buying and selling of homes in the crazy real estate market that exists today. We and another couple we’re friends with have seen many offers turned down. It’s got so crazy that realtors are advising buyers not to ask for an inspection. We were fortunate to have only lost out on two bids we had submitted.

Moving Day(s)

We’re already in the midst of sorting out what we’re keeping, throwing away, or donating. Now the clutters all over our floors and the closets/hiding places are being emptied we can see how much “stuff” we’ve accumulated. And we’ve already given away a lot.

But we’re dedicated, plus being obligated, to turn over an empty house in two weeks. We could just leave it empty of “stuff” but needing a deep cleaning when the new owners move in. But our goal and commitment is to turn over a clean house.

And when we move to our new home, which is currently vacant, we already know it’s move in ready; almost. There are some things that need repair.

Our Last Move

Each one of us faces a last move in our lives. Will it be similar to our moves we’ve made in our earthly existence? Or will their be differences? Will our lives resemble the deserted and trashed homes that we saw during the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

For Me

My last move will be to Heaven, and I’ll be able to say:

  • I have a clean place to stay.
  • The Lord took care of the paperwork when I was Baptized.
  • The Notary Public was the Holy Spirit.
  • I didn’t need to move my “stuff”.
  • I left everything behind because my new home has everything I need and more.

Left Behind

Like homes that have been deserted with no maintenance and damaged, my legacy is tarnished. I was an angry man, easily irritated, loud, and physically and verbally abusive.

My sons are struggling now because of my temper. And I have to admit that I’m the beginning of the chain. I pray that my grandchildren will not inherit my temper.

However, I also leave a legacy of a changed man. A man that is known for his Christian faith and a man who goes out of his way to help men get back on track with their lives. So I can say I left for my legacy a clean house that needs no repairs.

Glory Land

The overly exuberant singer on the left will be me. When I sing the song “It Is Well” I always sing “hallelujah” in place of “even so” in the last stanza. I’ll be like a kid in a candy store.


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