Imperfect Forefathers

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Our imperfect forefathers risked their lives for a more perfect union. They knew that the end of the Revolutionary War was not the end of their aspirations. But in their spirit aught we not to be willing to sacrifice for the goals they have set for us?

Can we not still admire the foundation they laid for us in Biblically based norms of civility and tolerance? Do we need to fight against the revelation of our nation’s wrongs as if it’s a personal attack?

Let us, instead, hold to the Bible and challenge those precepts we’ve inherited that run counter to the highest aspirations that have already been articulated by enlightened, though flawed, great men and women who have come before us.

And let us challenge ourselves to look at our own hearts before we point fingers at others. Once we’ve done this we then can put feet to our prayers and finish the work that has yet to be done.

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