We’ve just started the house hunting process. Get lots of opinions from neighbors, friends, and family.

I’m not doing well in this process. It seems overwhelming. Biggest problem is I can’t imagine a good outcome. I’ve been told many times to Let Go and Let God (LGLG). But I have emotional struggles with trust already. And I’m 76 and haven’t figured it out yet. 

In one of my posts on my blog I discuss the emotional aspect of improving oneself. But it’s an issue that’s not considered. Only reading “the Book” and just “doing it” is a process that doesn’t work for people who are not in control of their emotions. And many of our emotions are buried in our past of regrets and trauma. And like a weed, they need to be dug up by the roots.

Sorry for the tangent – but I do feel that all the ideas Christians have about people getting over their issues does not work if correcting emotions is not part of the process.

As for myself – I need to do some weeding.  It can be difficult.  I remember a stump that was on a plot of land that my dad sold to a couple with a trailer they planned to live in.  The stump was in the middle of what could have been a garden.  My Dad, my brother, and I spent hours on a hot summer day digging around and pulling that stump out of the ground.  It was no easy task – but it did get done.

In that case the root of the problem was easy to see.  My inability to trust – especially trust God – is hard to find.  It’s also ironic that I have confidence praying for others and their situations that need changing.  And my confidence is based on answers to my prayers.

So the question I need to ask is where does my lack of trust in God towards me specifically come from? I need to follow up this post with what I find. It will all be under the keyword “anxious”.


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