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Did you notice on facebook posts that are supposibly banned. I’ve shared every one and not had one banned.

Fake News is the news of the day. What makes fake news is when someone we disagree with advocates for a point of view that we feel is not valid. Social media helps us out in our opinions by filtering out ideas we don’t agree with. Therefore the only news we hear is what we want to hear.

To me what is worse is these attitudes in our church leaders. The credibility of our faith rests on our integrity. Even when we have point of view an unbeliever would disagree with, they will listen and not reject our faith as long as they can trust that we’re not into conspiracy theories.

The quickest way to spot conspiracy theories is that they always paint someone they disagree with in harsh demeaning langauge. The mark of a Chrsitian, the Apostle Paul for instance, is that they never write anyone off.

Conronting Capital Rioters

Just like scams, fake news works because people will follow what seems to be right to them and discredits the other point of view. Even in the area of Pro-Life, we must be honest that if we’re not willing to help someone who is contemplating an abortion, we’re being disingenous if we’re attacking the very character of a person with a “pro-choice” point of view.

When we engage in fake news we compromise our own witness and the validity of our faith. And nothing is more important to the propagation of the Christian faith than our integrity.


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