Dysfunction of Cohabitation

My Marriage

My wife and I have been married for almost 54 years. We were both virgins before we were married. Both of our parents were married for more than 60 years. We were members of liberal churches for 12 years before joining a Bible believing church. Our Christian faith is what has held us together.

I was employed for 40 years, with 5 different companies, with only a single week of being unemployed. We’ve enjoyed the hobbies of camping, bicycling, and Square/Round Dancing. Our two sons have good professional jobs.

We’ve had eight grandchildren. Only four are still with us. Our first granddaugther was stillborn. Our second oldest grandson died from cancer. And two sisters were going to be adopted – but custody was taken back by the county because the one had RAD (a juvenille form of schizophrenia).

Death or loss of a child is hard. But life is a matter of adjustments. Reliance on God is the best way to make those adjustments when you don’t understand why adversity comes. We don’t hide or grieve over our (and our childen’s) loses but look forward to meeting them in Heaven. We had a picture of my granddaughter’s hands and feet and a medallion with my grandson’s ashes in it.


Per › dictionary › marriage: The definition of the word marriage —or, more accurately, the understanding of what the institution of marriage properly consists of—continues to be highly controversial. This is not an issue to be resolved by dictionaries.

What I’ve observed.

I’ve known several live-in couples.  One couple has been together for more than  twenty years.  But the rest are  tumultuous relationships.  And many are deadbeat boyfriends.  There are often multiple children involved.  I’ve met guys with four and five baby mamas.

Relationships are often accompanied by insecurities in the relationship.  The parents are sometimes off limits for the man or the woman.  And relationships in general are distorted compared to those of a healthy marriage.  And while there are unhealthy marriages, statistically healthy life-long relationships are more easily achieved in a marriage then in cohabitation.

Marriages Do Work

The first place to look at for validating the Christian view of marriage is reality. The current advantage for measuring divorce rates among active Christians versus the general public is that people no longer feel a need to identify as Christian if they’re not something else.

The following research discounts the weaknesses in Chrisitan marriage and shows divorce among active Christians is lower than the general public.

The brochure and catalog pictured here provide many tools for healthy marriage relationships. The key element in establishing a good marriage relationship starts during dating. The brochure shows how abstinence before marriage is a key factor in a marriage relationship.


I will be writing a series of posts about the scourge of cohabitatinon in our country. They will all use the tag “Cohabitation”. I feel this cultural shift in our population threatens marriage, the well-being of churches who don’t address it, and of course the children.


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