What is a Pro-Life Church

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To say a church is Pro-Life doesn’t answer the question “what do they do”?  If they have sermons about the sanctity of life, does the congregation sense a need to be involved?  Is the congregation open to visitors?  And is the congregation willing to sacrifice to get sinners on the right track in life?


Even if the answers are all “yes” it doesn’t mean the congregation is having an impact on the carnage of abortion.

To be able to reduce or eliminate abortion the church is going to have to come up with a holistic solution to the problem instead of relying on politics.

So what are the steps churches need to take if they’re serious about confronting the abortion crisis?

  1. Make sure the congregation understands that Pro-Life is also anti-Abortion.
  2. The object is to save the baby – the innocent victim.
  3. The mother is also a child of God, a sinner, a person who’s not oriented towards God’s values. 
  4. The church exists to save two souls – the baby and the mother.

The church needs resources to help mother avoid an abortion.  Alignment with other churches and pro-life ministries provides guidance and comfort for the mother.  Biblical and emotional counseling are needed to enhance the success of the mother and her child.

When will we start?

We’ll start when we recognize that it is the responsibility of the congregation to embrace the Pro-Life stance.  Note the word “embrace”.  This is not an aspiration like Civil Rights; it is a full-fledged commitment.

The chief roadblock is gossip.  Unless we’re willing to start at the point when the woman is willing to come forward and we curb ANY and ALL gossip about the woman, we will inevitably fail to save the soul of the woman and the life of the baby.

All lives matter

Our country as a whole has failed to live up to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all of our citizens.  Yet it is not only the goal of our forefathers but a goal of God from the beginning.

As Christians we should value every human being.  It is not our right to decide who is able to live a fulfilled life or not.  Instead we should promote inclusion in our community, church, and nation.  

And cutting that life off within the natural sanctuary of the womb is not our prerogative – it is sin!

To be continued

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