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A state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. Do we know anyone in the church like this? I do; and it’s not just a question of a single person – but I would argue in many churches it is a percentage. Some will tell you that they’ve arrived or they reached a point where they’re not planning on doing any more. I know people in recovery groups who do the same thing.

But realisticaslly as a Christian relates to the Father or to Jesus can a person ever say “they’ve arrived”? I would hope not. I know I haven’t. And I know this because in my devotions, which include Bible study and prayer, I continue to find new areas is my life that need polishing (or in reality a rebuilding).

Finding Freedom?

Actually this flies in the face of reality as we learn more about our Christian faith. Jesus was the only one who had arrived. And being God incarnate He still had a need to pray – particularly before His trials and cruxificion. Satan is always pressing against us. We’re like a boat going upriver. If we paddle gently we’ll just stay even in the same place along the bank. If we put our oar down we’ll drift backwards. Think this through, while imagining being in a canoe above Niagira Falls.

Instead of drifting along we need to continue to grow spiritualy. We grow by being attentive to God’s Word, aways looking for new insights as well as passages that convict ourselves and also encourage ourselves.

We should always be able to listen and learn new things. And we should be able to listen to lost souls who are on a path of destruction. In fact we must continualy be learning how to listen better. when we do this we should find ourselves :

  • Discipling lost souls or stagnant church members.
  • Be an encourager wherever we’re at.
  • Filling a position in the church for a ministry that’s needed but under-staffed.
  • Praying for the physical and spiritual needs of hurting people in the church.
  • Daily Devotions with Bible Study and Prayer


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