Not Afraid to Offend God

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PC run amok!

While the orderliness of previous generations may not have been equitable for all of our citizens – there was order nonetheless. Tolerance is the rule of the day. And anything goes including intolerance of other opinions. In reality tolerance leads to intolerance.

For the sake of national unity, if nothing else, there must be a standard of culture that everyone can tolerate. And from the begining of our nation that was Christian mores. And Christians need to be tolerant so that this standard works for the overwhelming majority of our citizens.

It’s both ironic and sad that so many see the Christian faith as judgemental and uncaring. We must be intolerant of sin – but not to the point to being uncaring. Hate the sin but love the sinner. Churches need to build a loving forgiving faith that works inside the church before we presume to witness to the non-believer. Let’s replace “judgemental and uncaring” with “caring and instructive”. If we don’t then do we also “offend God”?

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  1. Great post! And I so agree. It seems that many people in this country have lost their fear of God and, as much as I hate to say it, there have been times when I was guilty of this too. However, the reason people aren’t afraid to offend God is because they do not fear Him and this is so dangerous. God is a loving God, yes. But He can be a wrathful God too. And people need to wise up to this and ask forgiveness. Thank you for posting.

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