View from the Inside

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What do I see?

I see a spacious room with a good size well decorated Christmas Tree with no presents underneath it.

When I take a closer longer look I start to wonder what is it that I really see?

Is there a story behind this picture? Or is there simply a story within the picture, unintended by the family that put it up.

Actually I see many stories that could come out of contemplating this scene.

So – What Do I Imagine?

  • The tree is waiting for the presents to be placed there for the family’s Christmas celebration.
  • The tree was put up by a wealthy but lonely widow or widower who has no children, or children that don’t wish to speak to them. And there’s no presents to be given or received on Christmas Day.
  • Christmas is past, but the tree is still up because it’s the last bright moment in someone’s life until next Christmas.
  • The tree is still up because it reminds us of the Christmas child. And the crosses (unintended) in the windows remind us that this unique precious child was destined to suffer in our place to remove our sin stains.
  • If I look out the windows at the view, which may or not be beautiful, it reminds us of the darkness in the world.
  • The world however receives light as the light from the room passes through the windows.
  • But the window also reminds us that our own salvation can be an end in itself and we never get past the windows to brighten the lives of others on the outside.
  • Notice the latches at the cross point in the doors (not just windows). They are made for us to walk through.
  • And as we venture into the dark the blessings of Jesus’ birth, sacrifice on the cross, and resurrection gives us all the cover we need to evangelize a dark world.
  • And maybe even those children who are estranged from their widowed mother of father?


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  1. I played “What do I see”? with the grand kids the other day while looking out the window at the outdoor Christmas tree. I asked them for all the perspectives they could think of with prompts of course. After several perspectives were given I asked them how many there might be. They said “millions”. I asked them if they could possibly know which was the right one. They said “Maybe all of them??” I laughed and asked them who might be the only one who would know which ones were correct. They said “Jesus”. I asked them if it might be a good idea to get to know Jesus well enough so we might begin to see things as He sees them. One child said “that would be nice”. So I have set up an ongoing discussion as they grow and mature through life. It’s good to set up talking points with people.

    • Gary – your comment was sssoooooo gooooood. Your gandchildren are blessed. “That would be nice” if we did the same.. “From the mouth of babes” comes the wonderful wisdom of innocent children. Now I know why Jesus was so attracted to children.

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