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Missionary from Africa

A Missionary from Africa comes to the United States and shares with a concerned Christian how he feels the church in America is being deceived and in great danger. The Christian is very convicted by what he hears, makes a significant change in his life, and then sets forth a plan to reach his city with the gospel.

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Africans Came to Town

I’m all too familiar with this message. In my cross-racial and cross-denominational ministries; since the 1990’s I’ve seen, heard and spoken to three different African missionaries who came to America to evangelize us. Our churches are too comfortable. The men I met with on the black side of town had a man from Nigeria who said our host’s home would be burned to the ground if we had met like we did on our host’s veranda.

The Inside View

I was an Elder for three years and I was amazed at how little we paid attention to the dire need for friends and family to be saved. Church is a social club. We go for the entertainment and to be appreciated. But I was the only one other than the preacher who sought out the unlovable people who would give us a try. Or the people who attended our weekly public meal (which half of our membership avoided).

I and another Elder had incidents reported of prejudice by some of our members (and yes they gave specifics). I observed four different women who helped with the children during our adult Bible Study after our weekly meal. They served one at a time because none of the four could work with another. All this while people are going to hell. And I also tried to enlist people in evangelism – but they zoned out when I talked about going outside the church, befriending sometimes undesirable people, and sometimes taking more than a year before they would listen to the salvation message.

Outside View

What Church is Not

The fact that the United States is at the number one spot in receiving missionaries is ironic. Given that the country is a generally self-proclaimed Christian nation overall and is one of the top countries that sends missionaries, why in the world is the United States in the number one spot for receiving missionaries? It may be because the United States has opened up many opportunities for foreign missionaries to reach different groups of people such as foreigners and refugees – groups a native English speaking missionary would have a difficult time reaching.

The author of the post I copied failed to do their research. Had they done so they would have recognized the difference between Christian Churches tempered by persecution as opposed to our country club style churches in America. Persecution draws Christians together and squeezes out the uncommitted.

See the original post for yourselves.


We’re dying as a church, a nation, and a hope of the rest of the world. And when we’re gone, Russia, China, and Jihadists will rule the world. If you say that’s God’s plan I disagree. Because all the people, that maintained social clubs while Americans died without salvation, will face the wrath of God.

Who’s Responsible?

Notice the priorities from the following post.


BTW – I’m including this post under the tag Heritage. Because our descendants will be the ones to enjoy or suffer from the legacy that was given to them.

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