Avoiding the Cross Fire

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Haven’t we have enough of politics? Are we all frustrated? Answers: yes & yes! So – why write about this? I do so because each change of the President and different party majorities in House or Senate create a different political culture and a new legacy for our nation. As such it becomes the heritage for the generations of Americans that follow us. Hopefully we can get past the bitter party politics that plague our nation today.

It’s the characterization of the other person’s motives that puts me over the top. And both sides do it. Is the average citizen losing control – Yes. And how do they lose control – by supporting the yin and the yang of our culture. And failing to look at specific issues and finding common ground. Sounds simple. But our culture is jaded and looks for conspiracies from the “other side”. And the beauty of conspiracies is that they abound on social media and come directly to us – we don’t need to waste time with “facts”.

Outside of church walls

Jesus was the master at looking below the surface of the issues presented to him. And He knew people’s real motives. While compromise seems like a solution, I think we need to follow Jesus and find the core of each issue, mine for the common ground of the issue with the point of view of others, and build up to a solution using Biblical principles.

But how can we do that in a society that largely Biblically illiterate? I believe it’s by prayer and getting the church to come out of it’s walls of comfort to serve each other and the others we have yet to meet. However, before we do that we need two basic things to happen. And they’re not easy. One is to settle the differences in our church. The other is discipleship.

The church cannot serve its members of God’s mission for us if we can’t be the model of Christ within our church. I suggest the following issues be addressed. How you may ask? Let’s work on this together then. Here’s my list of the issues that separate us in church.

  • Gossip
  • Pride
  • No coordination
  • Sin
  • Jealousy
  • Prejudice
  • Impatience
  • Let George do it
  • Overbearing leadership
  • Lack of leadership
  • Absence of discipleship
  • Cliques
Discipling Men

Weak Christians are a drag on the church. And I don’t mean volunteering. We need Christians whom have Godly goals and are not just busy with “their stuff”. Mature Christians don’t happen by accident. They are a product of a church(es) ministry and their prayers. And they are the joy of leadership when they follow Christian principles and draw others to Christ.

Discipleship requires Biblical knowledge, Biblical application, experience inside and outside of church, an ability to discern people, and a ability to balance work, family, personal witness, and church.

Many books

There have been countless books on these topics. And I find in Biblical and lifestyle books both, one view after another. The only comprehensive view of these topics is the Bible. So I need to do a study of what the New Testament Bible says.

Maybe you all could help me on this with your comments. It would be much appreciated.


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