Systemic Racism

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If a child taunts and abuses a dog that is tethered to a stake and the dog breaks his leash and kills the child they will put the dog down. Because the dog had a reason is still no excuse under the law.

If a race of people feels and is marginalized and they engage in riots they have no excuse. But their reason is prejudice.

Systemic racism is not the majority being biased but that the majority turns a blind eye to the continued, albeit toned down, continued existence of unchallenged incidents of biased action by some in the majority.

Five shades of humanity

From a Christian point of view the bad actions of some don’t justify bias against the person or the group they’re in. Like Jesus, Christians should be the ones that reach out to bad actors. And disciple the bad actors and not act as if everyone that looks like them is also a bad actor.

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